Bio Building

Material Description

Designed to promote and enjoy the sea view from almost every room.

The main materials used it the structure are all environmentally friendly: local stone, natural lime based malt, clay, glulam with a boron salt treatment.

Furthermore a series of technical installations were added in order to improve the energy efficiency.


Color plan

The entire range of finishing material, all of which are first choice, and colors will be determinated with the client.



In masonry and equipped with the main high-end home appliances, all of which in the A+ class.


Exteriori window frames

In glulam with an anti-salt treatment completed with double glazed, low emissivity shatterproof glass.


Cooling – Heating

Heat pump with an anti-humidity funcion

Diffusion splitters, fueled by electric power with support from the photovoltaic system, are present in every room

Every bathroom is equipped with electric heated towel rails integrated with radiant panels: thickness 8mm.


Pool heating

It is realized through an heat exchanger supported by the solar thermal system and integrated by the photovoltaic system to reduce consumption.


Roofs and Patios

Close to the dwelling a glulam patio with anti-salt treatment in natural or different color is present.


External pedestrian paths

External paths connecting to the pool in porphyry or local stone with a non-slip treatment



Carried out with multilayer antibacterial pipelines.

The warm water is granted by a heat pump boiler.

The number of points, warm water and cold water are customizable according to necessities,


Master bathrooms

There are service bathrooms as well as two master bathrooms located in the sleeping area characterized by:

Bathroom 1: toilet, jacuzzi, double washbasin

Bathroom 2: double shower, toilet, washbasin


Electrical equipment and home automation

According to the most rigorous european standarts it is completed by a home automation system which permits the total control  of the local functions through computer and remotely by cell phone.

The home automation system incorporates the following features:

-video surveillance system

-cooling,heating and energy source management

-access control through electronic keys



The whole property, pool area included, is covered by wi-fi for internet access


Sound system

Broadcasting system

Cinema area accompanied by a home theater system and a 5.1 audio system.


Fitness area

Series of exercise equipment: treadmill, stationary bike, weights, mats.


PV System

The pv system is built in the stone containment wall of the swimminpool, in order to not create a big architectural impact.

The system is dimensioned according to the energetic needs of the building and its users.


Energy saving

Interior and exterior LED lighting.

2000It solar thermal system ( or two 1000It systems)

Complete system with rainwater recovery reused by the wc cisterns.


Waste water

Equipped with imhoff tanks and grease separator


Green areas

The property is provided with planted green areas


Addiotional elements

two bioethanol fireplaces

sink waste disposer (eliminates wet waste)

ecologic area dedicated to the sorted waste collection



Color plan

finishing materials

floors and parquets


doors and handles

The consulting of architects and interior designer are included in the price, in order to ensure the buildings maximum customization according to the buyers desires.