The Project

Designed to foster and enjoy sea views from almost all rooms. The main body structures of the body are all eco-compatible: local stone, natural lime mortars, clay, lamellar wood with Boro salts, and a number of technical plant engineering solutions have been integrated in order to improve energy efficiency .

Planimetry surface and space description

Descriptive form.

1 kitchen

2 lounge/Room

1 home theater/ play room

1 library

6 bedroom

6 bathroom

1 toilet

1 store room

1 technical room

1 swimming pool

indoor p.t. mq. 291,00

indoor p. 1 mq. 24,00

outdoor p.t mq. 378,00

outdoor p.1 mq. 33,00

terrace p.t. mq. 112,00

terrace p.1 mq. 267,00

pergola mq. 129,00

park mq. 61,00

land mq. 8392,00